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AKLG5N2GSZWhen two or more files of the same file type and file name were attached to a mail message and sent via SMTP, the iNotes Web Access user received the...
HMAI7HVGBWFixed a problem with downloading a DBCS long filename attachment from a MIME message
MRIN7JUAAFFixed a problem when a user retries to open an attachment that previously failed to download
KSAA7JE57RResolved issues with iNotes allowing an attachment with the same filename as what exists in the Reply/Forward history.
MCHZ7N8U7SWhen openning and closing the document containing the file attachments, tmp files were not deleted
DBKG7EWA48 "Open" and "Open with . . ." menu on the file attachment in Notes document does not respond on Ubuntu and SLED.
EMBS743HWL iNotes now displays embedded "multipart/related" attachments in the mail message attachment area
DDUT7NALUHFixed problem with Quickr links to Qickr Domino places not resolving in iNotes
HNAA7PNEM9 Resolved Vista client cooperability issue with Japanese MSIME editor when dragging file to attachment area
JLJE7HGKMBFixed problem where FireFox toolbar is not displayed in window when opening .htm or .html attachment
JUYA7R5ER7Fixed problem where the compression type of an attachment in a message that is sent to recipients is not the same as the attachment in the same...
KRAU79BP6LFixed problem opening zip file from attachment area when iNotes Control ActiveX is not installed
KSAA7PY8T3Fix problem that Japanese Hiragana and Katakana are regarded as same character in the attachment file name, such that one of the attachments can't be...
JYJG7GD33JWhen opening an attachment file with the multi byte characters file name in Notes, a temporary file name is displayed instead of actual file...
VNTR7SH65HDragging a MIME attachment to a Rich-Text Lite field which is limited to attachments only results in the error message "Invalid RTF data on the...
SIWA7J4UMXFixed problem where an attachment would be lost if attaching files with Hiragana and Katakana names in the same message
TAIA7NPHTDFixed a problem scenario where an attachment that is manually deleted in a reply/forward message still exists when the sent message is opened by the...
GTON7PLE6CAttachment filenames have numbers prepended to them when originated from Exchange. Certain attachments were displaying with extra numeric characters...
OOGE5SZQSMNotes works improperly when a MAPI file attachment description is different from the real filename/path. File attachments get messed up when using...
TKAA7NWFCWFixed problem scenarios when trying to download and view an attachment from a message that is opened in the preview pane.
TKAA7RH8MYFixed problem scenarios where an attachment can not be dowloaded from a message if the server HTTP task is configured for GZIP...
YSAI6UXBUNImproved the message displayed when a file cannot be uploaded as an attachment due to disk quota restrictions.
YSAI7SVF2NFixed problem where attachment icons are listed vertically (instead of in a row) when the Large Icon attachment view is selected.
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